Yes, Please to Peas + Saturday Market

All of our vegetables excite us — from arugula through butternut squash. But some of them, especially vegetables that combine gorgeous flavor with fleeting seasons, spark markedly keen passion.

Few other foods thrill us like English peas, which are legumes. Young peas are nearly candy-sweet. Our kids inhaled them just like candy, in fact, while they were growing up on the farm. They still do. These simply are not-miss vegetables.

And good news — not only will we have them for sale at the Market tomorrow, we also will harvest them for at least a month.

Both restaurants will feature these delicious legumes. In Bramble, we are serving them without even a whisper of fuss: raw, unadorned, just hours after being picked. It is the ultimate bar snack. As we will harvest peas every day, all pea dishes in the restaurants will involve just-harvested peas.

A Few Quick Pea Treatments (Peatments?)

What to do with peas? The simplest approach is the Bramble way (see above).

Another is a favorite appetizer. Blanch English peas, toss them with a chiffonade of mint, lemon zest and toasted pine nuts with a splash of lemon vinaigrette. We often serve this ambrosial dish with baked goat cheese and toast.

Look for more pea recipes in the newsletter and on the blog across the month.

As we discussed last week, legumes like favas and peas fix nitrogen in the soil, making these seasonal treats exceedingly valuable from both culinary and farming perspectives.

We hope to see you at the Market and the restaurants.

Happy Peakend!

One of the cabbages Black Cat Farm is harvesting for this week’s Market.

Saturday Farmers’ Market

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