**** NOTE:  Black Cat Dinners at the Farm are temporarily closed for renovations and the arduous permitting process (since October 2021).  We welcome you sending a note to Boulder County Commissioners letting them know why Dinners at the Farm, especially during Covid, are meaningful to you and our community.**


Alfresco dining,  beautiful gardens,  gorgeous views, working farmstead.

Join us for a special dining experience at Black Cat’s charming and spacious farmstead.
Dinner is served at private tables in the historic blacksmith barn, garden cabanas, or beneath the patio pergola.


  • WHERE:  4975 JAY ROAD, Boulder, CO 80301
  • WHEN:  Wednesdays through Sundays  10AM – 5:00 PM.  Weather Permitting.                 
  • WHAT:  Fresh Vegetables, Grains, Meats, & Frozen Prepared Foods

EriC Skokan

Black Cat Farm~Table~Bistro opened its doors in 2006.  Founded by Chef Eric Skokan and his wife, Jill, it is named after its “lucky” location on 13th street in Downtown Boulder.  A small neighborhood bistro, the Black Cat serves as Chef Eric’s incubator for the developing Front Range Cuisine, an expression of the forests, fields and mountains unique to Colorado.