Sheep in a green field on Black Cat Farm in Boulder, CO

Welcome home, sun + market bounty

We woke to the sun rising over the plains, a first in quite a number of days. The urge to face east and roar, “Welcome back, old friend!” erupted. Instead, we headed straight to the fields.

Mud? Plenty. But the greens looked like they had spent a few weeks in the gym — so vital and strong and big.

Elwood the Akbash guard dog in a field of sheep at Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado.
Elwood lives with his flock 24/7. His theme song? Flock Around the Clock.

And the pasture for the sheep resembled some kind of landscape paved in emeralds. Under the morning’s golden sunlight and the sky’s dome of blue, the green nearly blinded. And it was thick, too. The sheep lounged around on the grass, sometimes getting up to find fresh patches of grass and lying down again. The lambs, which were miniature just weeks ago but now stand tall, gathered around their mothers when they weren’t gamboling together. Their coats now are fuzzy. They remain impossibly cute. Elwood, our Akbash guard dog who lives around-the-clock with the flock, seemed awfully content sprawling in the grass amongst his charges.

We have been out in the fields since dawn, harvesting for tomorrow’s Market and for the busy weekend in the restaurants. The forecast? Sun, sun, sun, and more sun. Warm, too. The weekend should be gorgeous.

A worker at Black Cat Farm harvesting greens.
The rain gave the greens abundant vitality and strength.

We hope to see you at the Market and in the restaurants during this beautiful holiday weekend. Embrace the sunlight and the warmth!

And while you stroll through the Market think about the holiday cookout. We will have plenty of meat from livestock raised on organic- and biodynamic-certified pasture. Lettuces, radishes, spring onions, and turnips for the salad? We’ve got you covered. We think greens simply sauteed in olive oil, garlic and salt (with some red pepper flakes, if you are so inclined) accompany just about anything, including burgers and sausages on the grill, smoked pork shoulder, deviled eggs and plenty more.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

At The Market

Spring onions on a table at Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado
Spring onions have come on strong at Black Cat Farm this season


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