Tomato starts on Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado

Tempestuous Spring + Saturday Market Bounty

The seasonal parade of vegetables involves some, like arugula, that strut early in the procession, then take a bow, but bounce back on stage here and there across the year. Others, like tomatoes, come on late and have only one go at it, but boy are they showy.

Many of this season’s veggies so far are the kind that pop up between April and November — greens, turnips, radishes. Our fruiting vegetables, like those showy tomatoes as well as peppers, eggplant and more, haven’t yet been planted, but the starts are strong, and waiting to get into the ground. Check out just a glimpse of our tomato starts, parked on a picnic table at the farm while we get ready to plant.

Others, like fava beans and peas, are rising in the fields now, but not ready for harvest. Soon, though! We love walking the fields every day and reviewing the status of the parade’s players.

A field of fava beans on Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado
Rows of fava beans at Black Cat Farm. Soon, the ground will barely be visible, as the plants grow bushy and fava bean pods dangle from everywhere.

Meanwhile, the sheep now spend their days in a field atop a hill, capped by trees including a majestic cottonwood. We rotate sheep throughout the season, moving them from pasture to pasture for fresh things to eat. Their current home is awfully bucolic. Life is good on Black Cat Farm.

A ewe and her twins on Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado
A ewe and her twins on a long, broad slope of pasture leading up to a row of trees, including a majestic cottonwood.

We hope to see you on Saturday at the Market, and all weekend in the restaurants!

The Market Cornucopia

Radishes from Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado at the Farmers' Market
Radishes are among the vegetables and meats we will have for sale at the Market in downtown Boulder on Saturday.

Hakurei turnips · Magenta turnips · Spring onions · Red and white radishes · Edible flowers: arugula, kale, radish · Parsley · Chives · Siberian kale · Red Russian kale · Chard · Spinach · Mixed salad greens · Butter lettuce · Red Romain · Claytonia · Mizuna · Radish greens · Tatsoi · Osaka purple​

Black Cat Frozen Farm-Grown Dishes
Green mole · Pork green chile · Pork vegetable stew · Pork rillettes

Black Cat Charcuterie
Cotechino Modena sausage · Ken’s Italian Cajun Sausage · Breakfast sausage · Bacon

Black Cat Heritage-Breed Pork & Lamb Raised on Organic Pastures
All cuts of lamb · All cuts of pork

Sheepskins (via order form) · Tallow candle

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