Mabel the Farm Truck at Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado

Mabel the Farm Truck on Good Morning America

Happy Monday, friends.

We have big news.

Mabel the Farm Truck has become quite popular in Boulder. People across the city rush from front doors when they hear her bells, wave, and then spend time at Mabel’s side while buying pork ribs, spinach, lamb tagine and much more. We even made a video about Mabel, which we are premiering today. Give it a look.

Word got out about Mabel. It reached New York City.

And now Mabel is poised to make her national debut, on Good Morning America today at noon. In Denver and Boulder, that means channel 7. 

We are proud of Mabel! 

We brought Mabel out of retirement — she had spent decades as a delivery and work truck for other companies — because we saw a need. 

Mabel the Farm truck in Boulder
Meet Mabel the Farm Truck III, a vintage short-box Chevy delivery truck we trucked in from Idaho.

Shortly after COVID arrived, we visited a grocery store and were not comfortable with the safety precautions. In particular, we worried about people especially at risk — elderly people and those who are immunocompromised.

That experience coincided with fond memories Jill had of growing up in Baltimore, when men plied streets with horse-drawn carriages selling strawberries.

After we left the grocery store, we wondered: Could we deliver our farm-fresh food to Boulderites?

We gave it a shot. The worst that could happen, we thought, was Mabel would be a flop and we would be left with a truck with the name Mabel emblazoned across its sides.

Mabel the Farm Truck roams Boulder streets
Mabel the Farm Truck roams Boulder streets every day.

As the COVID-19 crisis ripened and everybody’s anxiety and confusion mounted, Mabel offered comfort and relief — so much so that we now have three vintage Mabel trucks, with daily schedules touching or coming close to nearly every neighborhood in the city.

We do plan to open our farm dinner space this summer, with the restaurants to follow. But the reopening of the restaurants will not mean the end of Mabel. Your response has been so positive that we plan on running routes for as long as it makes sense. At the very least, we anticipate Mabel on Boulder streets through the long growing season.

Today Mabel remains on vacation, even as millions of people across the United States encounter her on their televisions. She needs a break! But she’ll be back on the streets soon.

Tune-in at noon today, Boulderites. We certainly will!

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