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Black Cat Farm Launches Farm to Home Hospitality

First of all I want to count the blessings for the important things:  Our families and employees are still healthy and safe. We are thankful for the amazing people that are a part of our lives at the restaurant and the farm.

It is breathtaking to see how the staff has come together, as selfless leaders, to hold the restaurant and farm together during this crisis. I am honored to work with every one of them. Jill and I are also thankful for the many, many kind words and offers of support from our friends in the community. We are so grateful to you all.

One of the silver linings of this dark cloud is that Jill and I have re-discovered playing rummy, cribbage and hearts.  It’s funny how a game of cards with someone you love makes it all go away. (Fair warning to all of you, she is really good.)

Big changes for the restaurants and farm

We are sad to say, our restaurant dining rooms are closed for the foreseeable future.  We still have so many things going for us, though. Our farm is still operating, we have amazing ingredients (the spinach and arugula are perfect), and we have our talented team of chefs, front of house staff and farmers.  When I take a step back from that combination I can’t help but smile. I’m excited about the great things that are happening.

The Farm Comes to Your Home

Take-out dining: We are working on shortened menus for Black Cat and Bramble and Hare. Each restaurant will feature a menu heavy on delicious dishes that travel well. Expect family-style dinners, delicious vegetable dishes, a burger from Bramble as well as Bramble’s signature mac and cheese, freshly baked breads from our heritage wheat, and desserts.

Starting Wednesday, simply call, email or visit our online store and we’ll start working our magic. Expect to receive menus and specials via email and Instagram as well as on our website. The magic happens between noon and 8 p.m.

For take-out dining only, our wine list is available!  When you arrive, you can purchase the perfect wine to complement your dinner at home.  Our sommelier, Alex Davison, is working with the chefs to pair great bottles to complete your dinner.

Delivery: Same great dishes. Same talented chefs.  Same hyper-fresh ingredients. Simply delivered by many of our front-of-the-house staff. We deliver to most of Boulder County east of the mountain communities.


Black Cat

$80 for two, plus tax and gratuity. For deliveries, $8 delivery charge

Appetizers: Choice of arancini, with Proscuitto, queso & tomato; or pasta of the day.

Entreés: Choice of Yellow curry hot pot, with rice, roasted carrots and potatoes; Mulefoot pork loin, with polenta, braised greens and guajillo salsa; Tunis lamb shank, with panzanella, braised greens, baba ghanoush.

Dessert: Choice of apple and pistachio financier with cider caramel and chantilly; Flourless chocolate cake, with candied pecan and chantilly.

Bramble & Hare

Famous mac & cheese, with mornay and bacon, $9

Lunchable, selection of housemade lambe and pork charcuterie, with grilled bread and accoutrements, $18

Farm “Caesar” Salad, with mixed greens, pickled onions, Caesar dressing, $9

Farroto, risotto-style with cream and roasted root vegetables, $12

Bangers & Mash, housemade sausage with mashed potatoes, $14

Lamb burger, housemade bun, pickled onion, pistachio tarator, harissa purée, green salad, $16 (Add blue cheese, $1; add bacon, $2)

Online Store will be on our websites: &
Call Us:  303-444-5500
Email Us: [email protected]
Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at: blackcatboulder
CSA Signup Contact is Xavier Dyson: email [email protected] or 626-485-6836
Online Gift Cards for Black Cat + Bramble&Hare

Ventana Maya Returns!

Those with a long memory may remember the amazing, authentic Salvadoran street food we used to sell out of the window at Ventana Maya (Bramble & Hare’s kitchen window). Dishes like pupusas, black mole, tamales and curtido. Remember the long lines down the sidewalk? We are retooling the kitchen to bring Ventana Maya back to life. Available for take-out or delivery. I can’t wait!

Black Cat Farm Provisions

Food anxiety from empty store shelves? We’ve got you covered! Stunningly good spinach picked two hours ago? YES! How about for a thousand people? YES again.

Our fields are bursting with spring greens at their peak. We have a root cellar with a literal ton of potatoes in it. Thousands of pounds of wheat. Our market manager, Xavier, milled several hundred pounds of wheat and polenta today. Like I said, we’ve got you covered (except for the toilet paper!).

We’ll send out a stock-the-larder list from the farm tomorrow. Simply place an order via email or on our online store. Vegetables, meats, our own prosciutto, breads, frozen prepared foods. We will make more CSA’s available as well.

Come out to the farm to stock up on provisions. We’ll have two stands, both stocked with deliciousness and starts for your gardens.

The first is at the intersection of Jay Road and the Diagonal Hwy, just outside of the big white barn on the northwest corner of the intersection (4975 Jay Road, Boulder, CO). Keep your eye out for our flock of sheep and our guardian dog, Ray Charles. Opens next week. Stay tuned!

The second farm stand is at the homestead at 9889 N 51st street, Longmont, CO. Pickup will be in our historic blacksmith barn. Opens in a few days. Stay tuned!

Love to all! Jill and Eric.

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