Black Cat Farm manager Xavier selling greens at the farmers' market in downtown Boulder, Colorado

Black Cat + Farmers’ Market: Season Starts Tomorrow

Hey! Where did we go?

Just mosey south from our former Farmers’ Market spot and you’ll find our new stand. It’s spiffier, we love the location, but best of all, it’s bigger! As our farm continues to expand, we simply outgrew the former location.

The roots of the farm, our enormous variety of vegetables and grains, now support an even greater potential for table-groaning bounty. But this year we decided to introduce to the Market more of the charcuterie that we lovingly craft every day in the restaurants. Salami. Prosciutto. Pancetta. Lardo. Soppressata. Pâté. Bacon. Our cured meats program is extensive, and all of it comes from our heritage Boulder County livestock. With the new stand, we can offer even more from the fields, as well as our kitchen.

You won’t find the full selection of charcuterie at the Market this week; the roll-out won’t be complete until later in the spring. But we will have a range of fresh sausages, pâté, pork terrine and bacon.

We look forward to visiting with you for conversations about farming, food and whatever else floats our mutual boats. And speaking of boats, are we pleased with this winter’s epic mountain snows? You betcha’. Farming revolves around water, and it’s often in short supply in Boulder County fields. For this year, the water we rely upon for irrigation, all of which comes from the mountains, is wildly abundant.

At The Market

A blackboard at Black Cat Farm's stand with carrots on top and the Instagram account for the farm and restaurants @blackcatboulder

Weekly Harvest – 4/1/2019

· Arugula · Spinach and kale mix · Parsnips · Beets · Carrots · Purple potatoes · Miners lettuce · Hon tsai tai greens and flowers (from the mustard family)

· Red winter wheat flour · Sonoran white flour · Farro

· Bacon · Pancetta · Fresh sausages · Pâté · Pork terrine · Pork cuts

Lambing Season is Here

Akbash guard dog Elwood watching over a flock of sheep at Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado

Black Cat Farm supports and nurtures more than 100 ewes, all of which spend their time roaming fields under the keen and protective gazes of our Akbash sheepdogs. The days have their weather fluctuations, and the sheep do move to different fields. But things are roughly the same. Until now. The ewes are poised to give birth to lambs any day, and once it begins lambing takes over. The tired mommas are relieved, the lambs totter around on spindly legs and rarely leave their mommas’ sides, the dogs are on high alert for predators and our farm team works hard to keep the lambs and moms healthy during this dramatic season of life. It’s a special time at the farm, and loads of work. But worth every tired step! What an enriching part of our world.

Book Now For Graduation Celebrations

A bottle of champagne and a flute of champagne at Black Cat Bistro in Boulder, Colorado

It’s still more than a month before thrilled students toss those flat-topped and tasseled hats in the air, and proud parents beam (and probably shed a few tears). But dinners during graduation season are filling-up fast in our restaurants. We would hate for you to miss an opportunity to celebrate the event in the nation’s most ambitious farm-to-table restaurants. Our world revolves around Boulder County, Colorado and as the parents of four kids graduation holds extra-special meaning in our hearts. We would love to celebrate with you!

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