Celery is a Flavor-Packed Star at Black Cat Farm

Celery is pale, celery is watery, celery broadcasts little in the way of aroma, celery is filler for things like stuffing and crab cakes.

When the celery is from the supermarket, all of the above usually applies.

But when the celery is just harvested from Black Cat Farm, none of the above does: It’s emerald green, dense with plant life and flavor, heady with perfume. And while you can use it in stuffing and crab cakes (although in the case of crab cakes, please refrain from all ingredients other than crab, bread crumbs, seasoning and egg), our celery arrives electric with flavor. Filler? Absolutely not.

Celery — it’s a star. And we will have it beginning Saturday at the market, just in time for the change in seasons and so many dishes that call for flavor-forward celery: braised meat dishes, stews, soups, pot pies, gumbo — you get the picture.

Jo cleaning radishes and Sydney washing greens at the farm on Friday afternoon.

In addition, this week we are bringing sweet potatoes to the market. Nobody (but us) thinks “Boulder County, Colorado” when they hear the words “sweet potato.” They thrive in the American South. According the the United States Department of Agriculture, North Carolina is sweet potato ground zero, with 95,000 acres harvested in 2016. That’s close to 30,000 more acres than California, Louisiana and Mississippi combined, all of which are top sweet potato states.

But prompted by Jill’s father’s recollection of his Baltimore mom cooking fingerling sweet potatoes for after-school snacks, Eric thought he’d give them a whirl. While the growing season along the Front Range probably wouldn’t be long enough to produce softball-sized sweet potatoes, fingerlings might work. He was right — Black Cat Farm produced a healthy crop of fingerling sweet potatoes last year, and this year’s is even larger.

One of the offerings at the Market — broccoli.
If you see Jo at the farm, she’s probably got vegetables in her hands. Like these carrots, which work perfectly with celery in so many dishes.

Please swing by the stand at the Boulder Farmers’ Market this week for celery, sweet potatoes and a whole lot more. And of course see us, too, at our prepared foods stall, for sandwiches, entrees, salads, the best french fries in the world, and more.

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