Sheep getting ready for pedicures and health checkups on Black Cat Farm

Taking Care of Sheep + Saturday Market

Building and nurturing a working organic and biodynamic farm for both vegetables and livestock comes with a wild diversity of demands — everything from irrigating plants to moving pigs around between different fields.

When it comes to livestock, there’s also the animals’ health. Our flock of more than 300 sheep, for example, get protected around the clock by our Akbash guard dogs. During lambing season, we spend enormous amounts of time taking care of lambs. We keep them warm, if it’s cold. We bottle-feed them if their mothers are rejecting them.

Xavier and Farmer Andie working with sheep on Black Cat Farm
The entire farm team, including Xavier and Farmer Andie, worked hard all day to help keep our sheep healthy and happy.

And several times a year we corral them in the fields and give them health check-ups, vaccines and pedicures.

This week, during a glorious Wednesday morning and afternoon, the entire farm team gathered on a hill shaded by old cottonwood trees and tended to the health of the flock.

It can be difficult work — just like humans, sheep don’t much savor their time in the pasture equivalent of a doctor’s waiting room. They would much prefer wandering the fields and eating. And they don’t find pedicures a barrel of laughs, either — more like a barrel of baaas.

But their tenure in the corral is short; in no time, they are back on their treasured pasture. And they are in ship-shape, too, thanks to the hard work of our farm team.

Scarlet runner beans on Black Cat Farm in Boulder, Colorado

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