Homegrown Dent Corn Almost Ready

The organic dent corn remains in the fields through the fall, slowly drying and curing as the months pass. Soon, we will harvest the corn, let it cure longer in a barn, and then mill it. And then you will eat the corn at Black Cat and Bramble & Hare in the form of cornbread, polenta and more. You have never tasted polenta this exquisite, and the flavor advantage comes due not to technique, but to the corn. Cornbread? When the dough “blossoms” in the oven while baking, you know it — the perfume is thick. In such a good way.

The harvest at Black Cat Farm is nearly finished; now the emphasis turns towards the holidays — every restaurateur’s busy season — and making sure we have preserved enough, and have enough growing under row cover, to get us through the long Colorado winter and into the spring.

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