Black Cat Farm

Jill and Chef Eric Skokan have created a 130 acre, Certified Organic (and Certified Biodynamic In-Conversion) vegetable farm located just outside of the city that now supplies the bounty of the restaurant, CSA's, and booths at both the Boulder and Denver Union station Farmers' Markets.  At Black Cat Farm, we grow 250 heirloom and heritage cultivars that range from some of the old regional classics to the exotics. Because we harvest at the farm every day, we select varieties for flavor, not for storage and transportation which is all too common these days.  We also raise Tunis and Karakul sheep, Mulefoot and Hereford pigs,
Freedom Ranger chickens, heritage turkeys and geese.

The huge variety of produce grown allows Chef Skokan a limitless palate of flavors, colors and textures from which to build his award-winning cuisine. The Black Cat's menu changes daily and always has a sense of discovery and delight.

Enjoy all the farm has to offer this season at the Boulder Farmer's Market and new Denver Union Station Markets every Saturday morning. Jill, Chef Skokan and family tend the stands with tastes of the week's produce, frozen pork, charcuterie, recipes, lots of cooking tips and stories about the farm.

Check out our slideshows of events at the farm.
Sheep Shearing   |   Harvesting

Livestock Guardian Dog Pups

for Sale-$550

~We currently have 2 pups for sale from our February 7th, 2016 litter. We are keeping 3 of the 6, but it doesn't matter which ones. They are all performing well.  Mother, Chloe, is Akbash and from Wagon Wheel Ranch in Maryland.  Father, Elwood, is Anatolian Shepherd, Akbash, Great Pyrenees and Kangal cross from We Rent Goats Farm in Idaho.
We require our pups to go to active, working farms or mountain properties with 5+ acres and that have at least one other older companion working dog.  Our puppies are socialized from newborn pups, barn raised until 8 weeks, gradually introduced to their flock with our best older guardian dogs, and are currently fully working with our flock of 100 sheep.  Most of the pups have also rotated with our chickens and geese.  

For inquiries, contact Jill at 303-717-6836 or email