Internship Program

Black Cat Farm will have two Internship Programs:   our Animal Internship    and  our Culinary & Harvest Internship

We are passionate about being able to share our knowledge and provide unique learning opportunities that will help create future organic farmers.  We are equally passionate about integrating Animal and Vegetable farming, as well as integrating a Restaurant with a Farm.  Because internships involve significant teaching time and inherent inefficiencies costs for us, we have a high expectation of work ethic and conscientiousness.  We are looking for students currently on a culinary or farming career path.  Our internships are generally a 100 hour program.  We will work with you to make sure you can aquire the high school, college or culinary school credits you are seeking.


This position is being offered now for 2019.

We raise organic vegetables, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, geese and turkeys. They are raised for meat, eggs, milk, wool and pelts for the restaurant, farmers’ market, csa’s and our family. Interns can work as many hours as they would like, but not less then three, five hour days. A set schedule is preferred. It allows us to plan specific projects for the days that we could use an extra person and for things that we think you could learn from/enjoy. It is up to you and our Livestock Manager what those days are.


This position is being offered now for 2019.

This is a very focused internship, responsible for harvesting vegetables from our farm for our restaurants. Work closely with the owners, kitchen and farm staff to learn the 250+ vegetable & herb varieties, how to harvest in a way that meets the restaurants’ needs, and how a restaurant operates from farm-to-table. Includes harvesting, washing, delivering, and assisting chefs with as much kitchen preparation as desired. Four mornings per week minimum. Three+ hours per day(depending on how much kitchen experience you would like).  While you will be exposed to much of the farm and kitchen operations, this position does not include other farm work like planting, cultivating, farmers market, and animals.

Volunteer Positions

We have limited internship positions available.  If other positions are full or you would prefer more flexibility in your schedule, a volunteer position/specific volunteer days are almost always available.  Email if you would like to be added to our volunteer list.

The internships are not paid. We offer weekly dinners at our restaurant and vegetables. Your own car and housing is required. If interested in applying for an internship, please email an informal resume, reason for your interest and your availability(days per week, any vacations, etc) to